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19 de October, 2022
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19 de October, 2022



PRISMAAT is a consultancy that provides services to investors and entrepreneurs who wish to develop their business in Portugal. It is also the most bureaucratic and legal (and least creative!) parent company of CREATIVE PRISMAAT.

Prismaat Branding was developed to its fullest extent. For that, we started by choosing a name that sounded good and that was easily pronounced in all the different languages. We tried to create an original word at the same time: hence the choice of two merged words. PRISMA (GEOMETRY: polyhedron bounded laterally by parallelograms, and by two equal and parallel polygons at the ends; PHYSICS: Crystal that decomposes light; FIGURATIVE: Special way of seeing or considering things) which means the various sides of each process and situation of every client we deal with, along with a way to light and organize the path to success. A special way of seeing or considering things! And MAAT (Maat in ancient Egyptian religion is the embodiment of truth, justice and cosmic order). A name for a goddess that embodies our values ​​of truth, justice and an enlightened, growth-focused organization. This is summed up in the company's vision: Contribute to the growth and prosperity of a multicultural, free, true and fair world. A distinctive and original font was developed that conveys, together with its meaning, the fundamentals of PRISMAAT's MISSION: “To reach our customer and help to unravel all the way to: opening a new business in a new country; moving to another country with the whole family; or make any kind of fruitful investment.” A sans serif font was developed to take on a more fluid, friendly and modern look. The "P" is stylized to simulate a human figure aimed at the customers represented by the "AA's". Thus, the fluent connection between the two root words is presented as a new concept and with a new meaning. The PRISMAAT brand, already fully developed, is also prepared to take on the various faces of the business. The PRISMAAT logo conveys the concept twice, through the written word, and the visual details and details. It is perfectly prepared to be used in animations and in the most different ways of representing it, without losing its recognition power.

After the foundation of the entire brand was well defined, various elements of the extension of the brand were developed according to a website, email signatures, business cards, as well as all the stationary, decoration of the office windows, animations and social media strategy.